Educational card deck on gender and climate change

For the F3E (network of international solidarity NGOs and associations), I illustrated a 42-card awareness-raising game called Planète Genre (Gender Planet) designed to address the relationship between gender and climate.

The aim of the game is to spark reactions around different families coping with climate change in different parts of the world. It seeks to illustrate the concrete impacts on different life paths, in relation to both the gender of the people concerned and other criteria such as ethnic origin, wealth or poverty, migratory status, and so on.

Each card represents a characteristic (and therefore necessarily caricatured) character in a region. Planète Genre is based on real-life situations, but is not intended to be exhaustive.

The game is accompanied by a booklet that details specific situations experienced in different contexts and explains their interdependencies. It also looks at the extent to which adaptation and mitigation solutions exist and need to be supported. The gender lens helps us to understand not only the different vulnerabilities of women and men and the barriers they face, but also how they can contribute to finding solutions.

The game is now used in workshops and conferences to facilitate discussions on gender inequality and climate change.

Do you also wish to create an educational illustrated game ? Feel free to reach out !

Planète Genre - an educational game
Card Sample -  Senegal
Ecuador Family - Father in a rose farm
Card Sample - Senegal
Cambodia family - Mother building cooking hobs
Card Sample - USA
Central Asia Family - Niece taking care of cattle
Card Sample - Central Asia Family
France-Morroco Family - aunt in her bioclimatic greenhouse
Card Sample -  Central Asia
Ecuador Family - Brother in a cuy farm
Famille 1 – couleur Madagascar – PERE copie
Card Sample - Cambodia
Card Sample - Senegal
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