My creative process behind educational illustrations

Hello! I’m Alice, an educational illustrator transforming materials into captivating visual narratives. My strength? Crafting illustrations that not only enhance your message but make it resonate deeply with your audience. I specialise in breaking down complex subjects into engaging, memorable visuals.

What fuels my passion? The diversity and impact of educational illustrations. Be it creating detailed infographics for expert audiences, designing playful board games, or weaving stories through comic strips, each project is an adventure in making learning accessible and enjoyable.

In my early career in advocacy and public relations, I often turned to visual tools like illustrations and infographics to clarify complex ideas. This practice of creating visual explanations became not just a useful skill, but a passion. Over time, I realised that my strength lay in illustrating concepts in a way that was both informative and engaging. This steered me towards a career as an illustrator, where I continue to transform ideas into visual narratives.

Fun facts about me:

My dream projects:

Drawing from my background in advocacy and PR, where I learned valuable skills in visual communication, I now apply these insights to every project I undertake. Whether you’re aiming to simplify complex subjects, enhance the learning experience, or bring a distinctive project to life. I’m dedicated to converting your ideas into compelling visual narratives.

Let’s collaborate to make your content accessible and memorable!