Your path to collaborative creativity

My transparent and structured illustration process

From our initial conversation to the final delivery of your educational illustrations, my method is designed to eliminate guesswork and uncertainty. I use a transparent, tailored approach where smooth communication and precise timelines are central. This means no surprises, no stress – just a straightforward, enjoyable journey towards achieving your vision.

Stage 1: The foundation - Kick off call and brief

Our collaboration begins with an introductory call. Here, we’ll set the stage for your project, discussing everything from deliverables, uses and exploitation rights of the illustrations, to timelines and budget. This step lays the groundwork for a tailored project that meets your exact needs.

Stage 2: Quote drafting and deposit

Following our discussion, I’ll craft a detailed quote covering all we’ve agreed upon. With your approval, a 50% deposit invoice will be issued. Note: The creative magic starts as soon as the quote is signed and the deposit is received.

Stage 3: The creative phase - Sketch time

With the formalities out of the way, it’s time for me to bring our ideas to life. I’ll work on initial sketches and share them with you, ready to discuss and refine.

Stage 4: Refining the vision - Corrections

Based on your feedback, I’ll fine-tune the sketches. Your consolidated comments allow me to work efficiently, ensuring the illustrations align perfectly with your vision.

Poster for kids and cinema programme educational illustrator

Stage 5: Bringing colour to life - Colouring time

Once you’re happy with the sketches, they’re finalised and it’s time for colour! We’ll review the coloured versions together, making any last adjustments as agreed in our quote.

Stage 6: The finale - Final payment and HD files

Satisfied with the final artwork? Upon the final invoice payment, you’ll receive the high-definition files, ready for use as per the agreed ‘exploitation rights’.

Stage 7: Celebrate your story - Publication

Now, it’s time for you to enjoy and utilise the final illustrations in all the ways we’ve planned.