School and Cinema Posters

School and Cinema, bringing culture to kids in Paris’ region! I illustrated two posters for Les Cinémas du Palais, for their amazing programme Ecole et Cinéma (School and Cinema) bringing more than 20 000 kids from Paris regionto cinema every year ! The goal of this programme is to provide kids with the foundation of […]

Children’s book on bamboos and patience

Ti Bambou page one

Of patience and bamboos : I illustrated a book! For Thibaut Jambou, an independent author, I worked on an educational children’s book of around twenty pages and its covers, aimed at children aged 3 to 7. Alongside Ti Bambou, children learn how bamboos grow and, thanks to their grandfather’s teachings, learn to be patient. Do […]

Children’s comics on animals and nature

pako magazine raising awareness comics

Learn about animals and nature’s conservation with Pako Magazine ! For a couple of years, I had the fantastic pleasure to work for a Namibian kids Magazine (8-12 years), Pako Kids Magazine, on subjects related to environmental conservation and wildlife (reptiles, giraffes, park rangers, human-wildlife conflict). Do you also have some illustration projects for our […]

I created a mascot for a magazine and I loved it !

mascotte rhinocéros enfants

I created a mascot for a kids magazine, and I loved it! I had the immense pleasure to create a rhino mascot in 5 different poses for the Zambian children’s magazine Kalata, produced by the wildlife education and environmental conservation fund Chipembele. I think the founder of the fund, Anna Tolan, was pretty please with […]