Educational comics on handicap

Accelerate handicap inclusion

Accelerate the inclusion of handicap in society I recently worked on a series of educational comic strips and illustrated inserts to add to Ellyx‘s final report for Unapei 30, which works in the field of disability. These comic strips transcribed the testimonies gathered during the mission, in particular from disabled people, directors of establishments or […]

School and Cinema Posters

School and Cinema, bringing culture to kids in Paris’ region! I illustrated two posters for Les Cinémas du Palais, for their amazing programme Ecole et Cinéma (School and Cinema) bringing more than 20 000 kids from Paris regionto cinema every year ! The goal of this programme is to provide kids with the foundation of […]

Finance in Common at a glance !

infographie illustrée pédagogique sur le sommet des banques

Finance in Common at a glance! For AFD, the French Development Agency, I recently created an illustrated infographic promoting the Finance en Commun movement (FICS), a grouping of Public Development Banks: the infographic, published on the FICS website, explains the origins of the movement and its objectives, the members of its community, its events, its […]

Children’s book on bamboos and patience

Ti Bambou page one

Of patience and bamboos : I illustrated a book! For Thibaut Jambou, an independent author, I worked on an educational children’s book of around twenty pages and its covers, aimed at children aged 3 to 7. Alongside Ti Bambou, children learn how bamboos grow and, thanks to their grandfather’s teachings, learn to be patient. Do […]

Integrated Water Resources Management made easy : illustrated training material

IWRM Training material

Integrated Water Resources Management made easy and visual, for a training material I illustrated some material for a training on Integrated Water Resources management for AFD, the French Development Agency. I worked on an interactive schema used during the Water and Sanitation training course for AFD staff. The schema, which focuses on Integrated Water Resources […]

Illustrated infographics on freshwater migratory fish

Infographics on migratory fish educational illustration

Save freshwater migratory fish ! For Wetlands International, I created a 4-page A4 leaflet presenting the Trans-European Swimways programme. The programme aims to restore migratory freshwater fish ecosystems in Europe, by improving access to scientific knowledge to strengthen public policy, or through capacity building and action on the ground. The leaflet contains two illustrated infographics, […]

Illustrated infographics on water security

Water security stories : meet the World Water Envoys ! This is my second collaboration with IWRA, the International Water Resources Association ! Once more, I had the opportunity to show the water security stories of the four World Water Envoys through educational infographics. Aimed at being used during international events like the World Water […]

How do we create gender-friendly toilets ? An illustrated guide !

How do we create gender-friendly toilets ? An illustrated guide I recently collaborated with AFD to create an illustrated infographics on gender friendly design of toilets. How can toilets be designed and operated in a way that protects women, provides intimacy, confidence and adapted equipments, based on their needs? This infographic was used several times […]

Educational card deck on gender and climate change

Planète Genre - an educational game

Educational card deck on gender and climate change For the F3E (network of international solidarity NGOs and associations), I illustrated a 42-card awareness-raising game called Planète Genre (Gender Planet) designed to address the relationship between gender and climate. The aim of the game is to spark reactions around different families coping with climate change in […]

Children’s comics on animals and nature

pako magazine raising awareness comics

Learn about animals and nature’s conservation with Pako Magazine ! For a couple of years, I had the fantastic pleasure to work for a Namibian kids Magazine (8-12 years), Pako Kids Magazine, on subjects related to environmental conservation and wildlife (reptiles, giraffes, park rangers, human-wildlife conflict). Do you also have some illustration projects for our […]