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About me

After a Master’s Degree in risk management and humanitarian action at Sciences Po in 2014, I started my career with large humanitarian NGOs, then as an independent consultant for international organisations and civil society. The flexibility given by this entrepreneur status allowed me not only to work from anywhere in the world -I lived in Namibia, Southern Africa, for a couple of years- but also to develop my activity as a freelance illustrator!

Since then, I am happy to be able to use these two strings to my bow: my project management skills and my understanding of transition and development issues combine evenly with my illustrations, and bring them depth and pedagogy! In other words, you can describe me as a “slasher”: consultant/ilustrator!

I like that my illustrations can help understand certain issues, sometimes complex, for both young and “less-young” audiences, often with a touch of humour (why would illustration have to be boring because it addresses serious topics?)

How I work

My go-to medium has been watercolours for many years, whether it was to draft my first sketches for clients or when I want to capture the beauty of the in my travel sketchbooks. I also like to learn how to get familiar with new mediums like alcohol-based markers or crayons. However, for its flexibility and unlimited possibilities, I use digital painting with my clients!

I am convinced one does not need expensive painting gears to create beautiful artwork: I have worked with the same watercolour palette for the last ten years, and I use an XP-Pen tablet.

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