Bringing learning to life through illustration

Educate your audience with engaging, easy to follow visuals.

Use the untapped potential of visuals to get your message across. Imagine your content no longer drowned in text, but revealed and simplified through images. In today’s information-saturated world, the challenge is not just to inform, but to have a real impact. This is where I step in, as an educational illustrator: you’ve got the substance? I’ll take care of the form.

Are you able to communicate complex information and make a lasting impression on your audience? I specialise in crafting educational illustrations that not only grab attention but make your message stick. My illustrations are a bridge between your valuable insights and your audience’s understanding. Whether you’re educating your teams, customers, students, or stakeholders, I tailor visuals that simplify complexity, enhance engagement, and ensure your message isn’t just seen, but remembered.

Alice Colson, portrait of an educational illustrator

About me

Hi there! I’m Alice, I’m an illustrator specialised in transforming complex concepts into captivating visual stories. You know how challenging it can be to communicate intricate ideas, especially when you need to make them stick in the minds of your audience. That’s where I come in.

With each project, I aim to bridge the gap between your message and your audience, ensuring that your valuable insights don’t just reach them, but resonate with them. Let’s create an unforgettable experience together!

Clear process educational illustrator

Process clarity for sucessful collaborations

Navigating the world of freelance creative services can sometimes feel daunting, especially if it’s your first venture. That’s why I’ve refined a crystal-clear, step-by-step process that makes working together a breeze. You’ll experience the comfort of knowing exactly what to expect at every turn.

From our initial conversation to the final delivery of your educational illustrations, my method is designed to eliminate guesswork and uncertainty. I use a transparent, tailored approach where smooth communication and precise timelines are central.

We worked together, and they shared their feedback!

“In early 2023, I commissioned Alice to create a leaflet for the Trans-European Swimways Programme that I lead for Wetlands International Europe. From the start, communication with Alice was easy and fast. I always found her professional and friendly. She helped me create substance from my vision for the leaflet, and quickly understood our requirements and scientific information on the species. We were impressed with her first draft of the leaflet, and she responded effectively to the feedback we provided for improvements. Further drafts were quick to come and after some weeks, we were happy with the final product, also within our timeline. I would happily recommend using Alice for the creation of graphics for a wide variety of audiences, especially for material of a scientific or educational nature.”

Heather Bond Wetlands International Europe

“Alice created engaging and informative posters and other communications products for IWRA's World Water Envoys Programme. The posters convey complex materials, including engineering, economic, and social issues, in a very accessible manner that captivates and educates readers who are both subject matter experts and those who have no prior knowledge of the topics.”

Mary Trudeau IWRA

“I am delighted with our collaboration with Alice Colson, who was a great listener, efficient and professional!”

Léa Guyonneau Cinémas du Palais

“Alice has done a remarkable job creating a children's book (3-7 years old) of around twenty pages, including the cover illustrations. Not only is Alice particularly pedagogical in her approach to the project, but she also facilitates exchanges during the illustration creation process. Alice is very creative in the drawings/illustrations she proposes, which is an undeniable asset. Finally, she uses modern tools to communicate and discuss the various stages of her work. She is professional, creative and enthusiastic. THANK YOU for your support on this project.”

Thibaut Jambou independent author

“Beautiful work. Meticulous, fun work that lived up to our expectations. Alice also has interpersonal skills that deserve to be highlighted.”

Jean G. Communication Interne - Agence Française de Développement

"Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust is a conservation education organisation that operates close to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Chipembele means rhino in the local language. We were developing a children's magazine for the first time in the organisation's 23 year history and needed a mascot for it. Of course we chose a rhino, and decided to call it Chippy. The rest was up to Alice. She responded immediately to our basic ideas and was a joy to work with in developing the drafts of six cartoon young rhino figures in different postures. We were very happy with the completed work which was perfectly suited to the young audience we will be targetting. I would highly recommend her for her creative work.”

Anna Tolan Executive Director - Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

“Alice has produced a number of illustrations for GRET, which have always been much appreciated. In addition to her obvious artistic and technical qualities, her creativity, excellent responsiveness and concern to meet demand as closely as possible make the working relationship particularly esteemed.”

Hélène Gay Gret

Alice Colson was commissioned by IWRA to produce a series of illustrations for our World Water Envoys programme, which gives a voice to young people living in water insecure communities in different parts of the world at our flagship conference - the World Water Congress. Alice produced the requested illustrations in excellent time, working closely with our Envoys to tell their stories in a new and eye-catching manner. Her work is really excellent, and has received a lot of positive feedback across our social media channels, and from our Executive Board. Alice was responsive to feedback and editorial comments from the team, and we would gladly work with her again on future projects. I can highly recommend her work.

Callum Clench Executive Director - IWRA