Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about my work? Your answer is quite likely to appear in the Frequently Asked Questions below. If that is not the case, please contact me.

Working with me

I have a project, what is the process to get a quote from you?

The simplest way is to contact by email and describe precisely your project. What would you like to represent? Where and how will the illustration(s) be used? Is it for print or for digital use? The more information you can give about the project, the faster I can provide a quote. You can get more information about my working process in the infographic below:

What is the cost of an illustration?

The price of an illustration is calculated by the production cost (size of the illustration), to which is added the right of use of the illustration (how will the illustration used and for how long). To have a quantified estimate of your illustration project, contact me by email.

If you want to know more about rights of use according to French jurisdiction, you can follow those two links (in French) here and here

What kind of services do you provide?

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, a first deposit of 30% (non-refundable) of the total amount of the order is to be paid. This deposit allows you to be assured of your place in my work schedule and allows us to commit, you and me, to the realisation of the project. The outstanding balance is due after validation of the work. Only once the service has been paid, I will send you your final files.

I really like one of your illustrations, can I use it?

For all practical purposes, it is strictly forbidden to use my drawings to print them on any medium intended for sale, for any public, commercial or professional use. If you are in doubt, better contact me rather than find yourself having to pay an invoice for unauthorized use of my artwork.

On the other hand, I accept that my work can be distributed within a class, in a dissertation, or in a presentation, as long as I am informed in advance by email.

Graphic Design and Illustration, are they kind of the same job?

It is quite frequent that people get mixed up between those two jobs! Although they may have some similarities, their purpose is totally different. Graphic designers are mostly known for creating marketing materials for goods and services: things like logos, brochures, packaging, etc. Graphic Designers work a lot with typography and layout composition, but are not drawing. Illustrators, you guessed it, are… creating illustrations, which can be used in many ways. Illustrations can be made with traditional media, or digitally.

About me

What softwares and drawing materials do you use?

When I use a traditional medium, I go for watercolours. It is easy to play with, versatile, and nomad. I have a very small palette which I am happy with, and I use watercolour sketchbooks which are usually around 300mg. I tend to switch brands quite often, so I don’t have any particular brand to recommend. I also love using alcohol-based markers and acrylic paint, although I do not find enough time to use them!

When I do digital painting, I use Photoshop and my XP-Pen Deco Medium. I am not an expert in drawing tablets, but I am happy with this one for now. I don’t need a screen tablet to draw, and screenless tablets are just very reliable tools!