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World Water Envoys Project – Pallavi

Take a look on my illustration about groundwater pollution in Nepal .

For the IWRA, I had the opportunity to depict the stories of five young people selected to come to the World Water Congress. We chose those so-called World Water Envoys, five young professionals, to showcase the Water Security issues their communities struggle with. By joining the IWRA activities and events, the Association gives them an opportunity to bring solutions back to their community.

This illustration project was based on each of the Envoy’s story, describing their water security problems and the impact they have on their community.

Pallavi focuses on groundwater pollution in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal, where 90% of people depend on groundwater, contaminated with arsenic, chemicals and viruses. Pallavi understands well the multifactorial complexity of the situation and is very eloquent.

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