Chipembele Mascot – Chippy is born !

For Chipembele, I was in charge of conceiving a rhino mascot for their Kids Magazine, aiming at raising kids awareness on nature and conservation!

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust is a conservation education organisation that operates close to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Chipembele means rhino in the local language. We were developing a children’s magazine for the first time in the organisation’s history and needed a mascot for it. Of course we chose a rhino, and decided to call it Chippy. The rest was up to Alice. She responded immediately to our basic ideas and was a joy to work with in developing the drafts of six cartoon young rhino figures in different postures. We were very happy with the completed work which suits perfectly to the young audience we will target. I would highly recommend her for creative work. – Anna Tolan – Executive Director

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Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

Chipembele's mission is to teach Zambian children and communities the value of wildlife and their environment so they may be conserved for present and future generations.