infographie illustrée montrant les solutions pour les poissons migrateurs en Europe
Infographie illustrée montrant les obstacles à la migration des poissons migrateurs en Europe

Illustrated infographics – migratory fish

I recently had the opportunity to produce two illustrated infographics within a 4-page A4 leaflet presenting the Trans-European Swimways programme, run by Wetlands International. The programme aims to restore migratory freshwater fish ecosystems in Europe, by improving access to scientific knowledge to strengthen public policy, capacity building and on-the-ground actions.

The leaflet contains two illustrated infographics, one showing the multitude of existing barriers preventing fish migration, the other illustrating solutions to restore their ecosystems and facilitate their migration.

These two infographics are an excellent example of didactic illustration: the aim was to show at a glance all the obstacles that can hinder fish migration, or all the solutions that guarantee their migration without obstacles.

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