game, gender, humanrights, women

Published: 6 May 2022

F3E – Planet Gender, an awareness-raising game

I illustrate a gender game called Planet Gender.

From Madagascar to New Orleans, from Senegal to Central Asia, the game brings together the 7 families who are facing climate change and gender inequalities.

The objective of Planet Gender is to better understand the link between gender and ecosystem disruption.

The game aims to trigger reactions around various families, who are facing climate change in different regions of the world. It seeks to illustrate its concrete impacts on different life paths, both in relation to the gender of the people concerned but also to other criteria, such as ethnic origin, wealth or poverty status, migration status, etc.

Each card represents a characteristic (and therefore necessarily caricatured) character in a region. Planet Gender is based on real-life situations but does not intend to be exhaustive.

The game also addresses how we need to implement existing adaptation and mitigation solutions. The gender lens helps to understand not only the different vulnerabilities and barriers for women and men but also how they can participate in the solutions.

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game, gender, humanrights, women

Published: 6 May 2022



Born in 1994, the F3E is a learning network of actors in solidarity and international cooperation.

The F3E aims to improve the practices of actors and to strengthen their skills, in the service of an action that has an impact on social change. The F3E contributes to the agility of organisations in a complex and changing environment.


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